Twitch Not Going Fullscreen (Issue Solved)

Is your Twitch not going fullscreen? The remedy is quite simple! The following is a simple method for overcoming the common fullscreen issue on Twitch.


In general, watching Twitch feeds is an easy process. Simply explore the channels and pick the one that looks the most interesting to you.

Twitch’s engineers have already put forth a lot of effort to make the platform more user-friendly. As a result, streams can be viewed in two modes: fullscreen and “Theater Mode”.

Assume Fullscreen is not supported on Twitch. Unless you take action, you may not be able to fully immerse yourself in a stream.

The Answer to “Twitch not going fullscreen”, on the other hand, can be a little tricky, so here’s a quick guide on how to do so.

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Follow this advice if you want to see streams in their natural state.

The Issue Is Described “Twitch Not Going Fullscreen”

For your query to “Twitch not going fullscreen?” we have an answer for you. Glitches are unavoidable even on a platform as huge and well-known as Twitch. The good news is that Twitch’s support crew usually responds quickly to any bugs reported by the community.

On the other hand, specific problems are not severe enough to warrant immediate attention, and it is up to the community to work out how to address them.

The problem with Twitch fullscreen not working is one of these bugs.

As seen in this “Reddit thread,” it is extremely easy for people to become furious when a seemingly benign feature fails to function for them. One person even made a GIF to demonstrate the problem. Nonetheless, no official response is on the horizon.

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Fullscreen mode is a critical component of any content-streaming service. It enables you to appreciate it fully.

Consider some of the solutions that have been effective in the past.

Step 1: Use This Quick and Easy Workaround

Many Twitch users prefer to have their extensions open while watching a stream. This enhances their enjoyment of the flow. Some of these extensions are intended to prevent adverts from displaying, while others alter the interface’s appearance.

BBTV is one of the most popular Twitch add-ons. Many millions of individuals have already obtained it.

Do these problems exist because of Twitch’s inability to open videos when Fullscreen is selected?

According to this Reddit thread, uninstalling BBTV will surely solve the problem; so, do so. Many others, on the other hand, like to keep the extension running while watching Twitch, so how can they have the best of both worlds?

A user known as “taurmice” identified a simple solution to an issue. To use this approach, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. It’s time to open Twitch and sign in to your account.
  2. When you want to watch the stream you want to, load it in the “default” mode.
  3. Rather than clicking the Fullscreen icon in the bottom-right corner, click the Theater Mode button next to it.
Theater Mode

4. In Theater Mode, you can double-click on the window itself. In Fullscreen mode, the stream will go.

You should be able to watch Twitch in fullscreen mode without having to disable or uninstall your BBTV plugin.

Step 2: To Get To Twitch, Use A Different Web Browser

While Google Chrome should be used by as many people as possible on their PCs, alternative browsers should not be overlooked.

Chrome is a fantastic all-purpose browser that is used by a vast number of people on a daily basis. However, there are other ways to get into Twitch. Give them a shot to see whether they are superior.

For example, you may try OperaGX, a gaming-optimized browser with a dedicated Twitch section. There’s a chance the Twitch fullscreen issue won’t be an issue with that browser. You should confirm this.

Step 3: Remove Browser Extensions That Are Linked To Twitch

Uninstalling any plugins that enhance or differentiate your Twitch experience, according to many sources, may help alleviate the issue of Twitch not going full screen.

BetterTTV, abbreviated as BTTV, is one such programme that Twitch users frequently use to watch videos on their phones.

This issue was discussed in a Reddit thread. The most popular answer says that there may be a problem between BTTV and Twitch’s Fullscreen mode.

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You may be able to resolve the issue with Twitch not going full screen mode by disabling BTTV or another Twitch-related browser plugin.


Twitch Fullscreen Not Working should now be fixed so that you can watch streams as they were meant to be seen.

It’s always possible to use a different device to watch Twitch if the playback on your PC isn’t as smooth as you want it to be. I hope you liked our article on “Twitch not going fullscreen”.

Q- What is the best way to obtain full screen when streaming?

Ans- You can view a live broadcast or video on demand (VOD) on Livestream in full screen mode on a desktop browser by clicking the button in the bottom right corner of the player. The game will force the user to run in full screen mode.

Q- Is it possible to watch Twitch in fullscreen with chat?

Ans- Twitch Fullscreen Plus allows you to interact with your friends while watching your favourite fullscreen stream. You can use the full size of your screen instead of Twitch Theater Mode using this plugin.

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