Twitch Past Broadcasts Not Working- [SOLVED]

Is it possible that Twitch past broadcasts not working? Don’t worry, this guide will walk you through every conceivable solution to this problem.

While livestreams are more exciting than VODs, they are also more likely to be overlooked. This could be because to our varied time zones or the fact that we have other things to do except watch Twitch.

Individuals who are unable to watch your stream live may look for a VOD version to watch at their leisure.

Twitch, on the other hand, does not automatically create and save VODs unless you choose to do so in your account settings.

This tutorial will walk you through the process.

What Is Going On With Twitch Not Saving The Broadcasts?

Twitch is a well-known platform with a high number of active users, both viewers and broadcasters. Think about how much space Twitch would need to preserve all of that data if only 30% of those users started saving their broadcasts!

“Save my Past broadcasts” is disabled by default because keeping them is not a good idea.

Anyone who wants to save their broadcasts, on the other hand, can do so via their settings.

If Twitch does not automatically save your broadcasts, this article will show you how to change this setting.

Step 1: Activate The “Save My Past Broadcasts” Feature

This option is easy to find and set. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be finished in no time.

  1. Sign in to your Twitch account using your browser.
  2. Click your avatar in the top-right area, then choose “Creator Dashboard”.
opening creator dashboard

3. There is a menu on the left with a lot of different things. It says “Settings.” You can then choose “Stream” from the drop down menu.


4. In the VOD Settings section, scroll down a little until you see it. “Save past broadcasts” can be turned on, so do that.

Twitch will save the video for up to 14 days after your broadcast has ended.

For some, this may not be long enough. If you’re one of them, a Twitch Turbo subscription might be worth it because it includes extra storage space for VODs, among other perks.

To find out more, look at the next section.

Step 2: Explanation Of Twitch Turbo And Longer Storage Periods

Subscribing to Twitch Turbo provides various advantages, one of which is the ability to save old broadcasts for a longer period of time.

Subscribing to Turbo will be worthwhile if this is something you care about.

It’s Easy To Download Your Past Broadcasts (VODs)

To perform effectively, streamers rely on specific broadcasts. These are the times when something strange or amusing happens to you.

Downloading the VODs is the best way to ensure the long-term durability of these broadcasts, so please do so if possible.

Q- What happened to all of my Twitch videos?

Ans- Due to the large storage needs of video recordings called (“Past Broadcast”), they are destroyed after a few days. They cannot be reintroduced once they have left. To preserve a video for a long time, click the gear icon beneath the video player and choose “Save forever.”

Q- Do Twitch streaming have a time limit?

Ans- Streams are kept for 14 days for individuals who stream frequently. If the streamer separated a lengthy stream into chunks of two hours or less, the feed might be retained permanently.

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