Where Are Steam Screenshots Saved: (Problem Solved)

Where are Steam screenshots saved? and how do you get to the folder in Windows where Steam Screenshots Saved? Here’s a super-easy way to help you get in. Gamers enjoy taking screenshots (single or many screenshots) while playing to share their achievements, something interesting to share, report a bug, or simply save a game memory.

steam screenshots

It’s easy to record exciting things that happen while you play any Steam game. You can then use the screenshots for a variety of things, like putting them on your profile or making promotional content.

In order to complete any of the activities on this list, you must first locate this folder on your computer.

This tutorial will show you how to use Steam’s Screenshot Manager to keep your screenshots organised and accessible.

Take A Screenshot Of A Steam Game

You should try to capture a screenshot before entering the Steam Screenshot Folder.

To snap a screenshot in-game, press F12. While playing a game, pressing this will immediately create a.jpg file of your screen. You can then examine, delete, or relocate it.

After you’ve taken your first screenshot, you should go to the library where it’s been saved.

Getting Into The Steam Screenshot Library

When you exit a game on Steam after taking at least one screenshot, a panel called the Screenshot Manager appears on your screen. You can travel to the location of your screenshot with a single click of a button in this area.

However, there may be times when you want to view the screenshots on your disc without exiting the game or waiting for the Screenshot Manager panel to appear.

That’s how to do it.

  1. On your PC, open the Steam client. In the upper left corner, go to View, then Screenshots.

2. The Uploader for Screenshots panel will appear. At the bottom, select Show on Disk. The folder will be opened as a result of this action.

Show on Disk

You may view all of your screenshots here and erase any that are no longer essential to clean up space on your phone.

Changing The Default Location For Screenshots In Steam

If you don’t like where your screenshots are on Steam, you can easily move them.

Take the steps below.

  1. On your PC, open the Steam client. In the top-left corner, click Steam. Then, in the top-right corner, click Settings.

2. Select In-Game from the menu on the left in the panel that displays, then click Screenshot Folder, as seen in the figure below.


3. To create a directory where Steam will save all future screenshots, choose New Folder. You can name the folder whatever you want, then click OK to finish the process.


You can now use this folder, which is now in a more handy position, to take screenshots while playing games on Steam. This guide will help you to find your steam screenshots. Many steam users ask this question. Where are steam screenshots saved? I hope you will get your answer by reading our guide.

Q- What happens to Steam screenshots if you press F12?

Ans- On your Steam client, there is a hidden folder named Screenshots. Screenshots are stored when the F12 button is hit.

Q- What is the best way to take a lossless screenshot?

Ans- Take a screenshot by launching the screen you want to take a picture of and then pressing the PrintScreen button on your keyboard. This will copy the screen to the clipboard. This is what you’ll want to do. You can now press Ctrl + S in Windows 10 to save the high-resolution screenshot you just took.

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