How To See Deleted Messages on Discord Through Better Discord

Discord is a virtual meeting place for teenagers and young adults. Gamers use the app for various purposes, and while it is often helpful, many users are subjected to a barrage of nasty and abusive messages. Whether you’re a famous player or just a regular person like us, you should know “How to See Deleted Messages on Discord? This guide shows you how to look at them in a variety of ways.

how to see deleted messages discord

Discord allows you to modify a server almost in any way you want. For a resolution to your query i.e. “How to See Deleted Messages on Discord?“, you can use this feature.

If you delete a message by mistake, there are ways to get it back and see what other people have deleted.

See Deleted Messages In Discord Through Audit Log

There are a few ways through which you can actually find an answer for “how to see deleted messages on discord?“. In general, adding a bot to your Discord server is the best way to address these types of questions. Because of the built-in audit log, it is not necessary to keep track of messages sent over a text channel in this case. This allows administrators to gain a better understanding of the messages sent through that channel.

You will only be able to determine when the message was deleted, where it originated, and who deleted it in this case. You will be unable to determine the message’s subject.

The audit log also contains additional useful information, such as what your moderators and administrators do. The log will show who has been kicked, added, or banned from your team.

Navigate to the server’s settings and examine them to view the audit log. When you want to get to the server settings, you can either click on the server name in the top-left corner of your screen or right-click the server icon on the left. Both of these alternatives are viable.

When you get to the settings, look for and select the “Audit Log” tab. You will be able to view the audit log as a result of this. You should now see a list of recently deleted or modified messages.

How To See Deleted Messages On Discord Using A Bot?

how to see deleted messages discord

The audit log will not suffice if you want to learn more aboutHow to See Deleted Messages on Discord?. You’ll need a one-of-a-kind tool.

As with many other aspects of Discord, someone has created a bot that fixes the problem. These bots keep track of all messages and the actions that go with them.

The most popular of these bots as of this writing is YAGPDB (Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot), so we’ll cover it in this guide as well.

Before you can use the chat logging feature, you must first add the bot to your server’s configuration.

To get started, go to the YAGPDB website. Then, in the top menu, select Add To Server. This will bring you to a page where you can sign in to Discord. You’ll see the bot’s dashboard after logging in.

There are numerous settings here that you can use to customize the bot to your liking, but you can ignore them for the time being. Select the server to which your bot should connect by clicking Select Server (top-right). This starts the change process.

After that, you must assign the bot a task. This is your responsibility. Before starting a new game, make sure you have a role ready on your server. Press the next button to proceed.

Step 1 involves assigning a prefix that will be used to issue commands to the bot. The prefix is a dash (-) by default, and you can keep using it.

If you’re not concerned with the appearance of this bot, you can skip the next four or five steps. If you simply want to see deleted messages on discord, you can do so.

Return to Discord and connect to your server after completing these steps.

Message Log Of BetterDiscord

For the best resolution to your query i.e. “How to See Deleted Messages on Discord?“. There is a free alternative to Discord called BetterDiscord, which you can use instead. It can also be thought of as an unofficial update to the Discord app.

It was created with the help of approximately 60 people. A small group: While not a small team in and of itself, it pales in comparison to the official Discord staff.

BetterDiscord, on the other hand, gives users far more freedom and extra features than the majority of other apps. Furthermore, other developers can create BetterDiscord plugins, increasing its flexibility. One example is as follows: A log of deleted messages can be displayed by one of the numerous plugins available.

If you already have BetterDiscord installed on your computer and wish to use it, install the plugin. Visit Lighty’s GitLab to obtain MessageLogger V2. If the plugin is written in JavaScript, it may appear to be an unknown file type. However, do not be alarmed. Ensure that it is positioned correctly.

Look for a folder called “plugin” in the BetterDiscord installation folder. If you want to make the following directory the default: C:/Users/Username/AppData/Roaming/BetterDiscord/Plugins.

Restart Discord, then go to the User Settings and Plugins tabs to change your settings and add plugins. The MessageLogger V2 should be visible here. Allow the plugin to start recording every message you send across all servers to which you’ve connected. This means that even if you delete a message, the logger will still be available.

It’s possible to get to the message log plugin through User Settings.

These are the best Discord methods for viewing deleted or modified messages. We believe that the bot is the best way to obtain additional information, but it is also very simple to set up and use.

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Ans- All chat history will be kept indefinitely, allowing users to return at any time and access their data from any device.

Q- What is the best way to see deleted messages on my iPhone?

Ans- This is most likely the simplest and quickest way to recover deleted text. In this case, you should be able to recover the text if you have an iCloud backup from before the text was deleted. That backup can be used to restore your phone.

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