How To Check Twitch Chat Logs 2022

If so, do you want to see the chat logs of a specific Twitch user? If you own a channel, you can also do this. Twitch chat logs can be viewed here.

The chat feature on Twitch is one of the most important and enjoyable aspects of the platform.

When people talk a lot, it’s difficult to keep up with what they’re saying while watching their favourite livestream.

There are several options for streamers and viewers to view the chat history, which is a good thing. Among the people who use Twitch, some are more popular than others. They are called “tricks.” All of them are in this guide.

Let us get started without further ado.

As a Channel Owner, you can look at a viewer’s chat history.

Many of the smaller tools and features were not considered necessary or mandatory when Twitch was still in its early stages. Now that they’ve been implemented, it’s difficult to imagine Twitch without them.

The moderation tools allow channel owners and moderators to open a viewer’s user card by clicking on their name. They can also view their entire chat history on the channel.

This is most likely the quickest way to see what a viewer has written in your chat. You can read what they wrote all the way back to the beginning.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open Twitch in the browser of your choice and sign in to your own account.
  2. Navigate to and activate your channel. Allow yourself plenty of time in the chat room until it is ready.

You can now “target” a viewer and open their user card. There are two ways to do this.

  • If your stream is down, there will most likely be no one in your chat room. To open that user’s card in this case, type /user username and then press Enter on your keyboard.
  • You can pause the chat as long as your stream is active and people are conversing in the chat room by scrolling up or down once with your mouse wheel in the chat area. Then, find and click on the person’s username. This will start the process of creating their account.

3. When the user card is opened, a variety of commands become available. You can timeout or ban a user, among other things. You should see the Show Chat History (Messages) button adjacent to them. Simply click it.

Below is a visual which shows you exactly how to check Twitch chat logs by user.

If the chat history is lengthy, you’ll have to scroll down to find the message you’re looking for. Select the option on the far right to view moderator comments.

The Twitch blog has a wealth of additional information on this topic. If you want to learn more about player cards and other moderation tools, you might find this post useful.

As a viewer, you can check your chat logs.

Viewers have a habit of chatting a lot. If you subscribe to multiple Twitch channels, it’s unlikely that you’ll recall even a fraction of the messages you’ve sent in various chat rooms.

As a viewer, there are a few options for checking your Twitch chat logs, but they all require the use of a third-party programme. Don’t worry, doing so is completely safe and simple.

Twitch viewers can download Chatty, a useful open-source tool with a number of interesting built-in features, including chat logging. It includes features such as split chat views, input history, and more.

You won’t be able to see messages sent before installing Chatty, but you will be able to save everything you type in a Twitch chat in the future.

There was once a website called Overrustle Logs that recorded chats for a variety of Twitch channels, but Twitch’s legal team deemed it to be in violation of their privacy policy. As a result, it was decommissioned in May 2020.


It can be entertaining to go through chat logs and see what you or another Twitch user said in a Twitch chat years ago.

As a channel owner or moderator on Twitch, you now know how to keep track of chat logs with the help of Twitch’s built-in tools. You can also do this as a regular Twitch viewer with the help of a third-party app.

If you ever need to recall something you typed a long time ago, use this knowledge to take a trip down memory lane.

Q- How do I check chat logs twitch?

Ans- Type ‘/user’ followed by their username into the chat box of your channel and press Enter. That’s it; Twitch will now show all of the comments made by that specific user in your stream’s chat.

Q- How can we see our chat history?

Ans- If you want to take a trip down memory lane, here is how to access your chat history:
1. Open G-mail on your desktop.
2. On the left-hand panel, click More.
3. Scroll down until you see Chats and click it.
4. The screen will display all your chats that have been archived.
5. Clicking on a conversation will open the thread.

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