How To Change Discord Background- Easy & Simple Process

Changing the discord background in the channel is a simple process. A straightforward explanation of how to customize the Discord backdrop for complete customization is provided below.

discord them

Almost everyone agrees that Discord’s user interface and design are easy on the eyes, simple to understand, and easy to use. When Discord comes out of the box, it’s set to use its light theme and background.

People who use Discord at night might find the light theme too bright.

Discord can be made darker if you want to. It’s easy to change the discord background.

Changing Discord Background Through Settings

There is no way to personalise Discord’s appearance or add a unique Discord background image.

As a result, its background color scheme can be changed from light to dark and vice versa.

To switch to the dark theme, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Appearance tab in User Settings.

2. In most cases, the Light Theme should be chosen. Choose the Dark Theme.

dark mode

To change the background from light to dark, simply follow the steps above.

There is little you can do to customize Discord’s design with only a few options.

However, there are some activities that aren’t covered by the app. These will take longer to complete, but you will have more control over the background and other parameters.

Changing Discord Background Using BetterDiscord

There is a free alternative to Discord called BetterDiscord, which you can use instead to change the discord background images. Based on the original application, but with a few great changes to some parts of the app.

Among these improvements is the ability to add plugins and customize the design of your site using CSS code. In practice, this means you can change your Discord’s background image.

To change your theme, follow this step-by-step guide:

To begin, go to the BetterDiscord website and download the app. It’s recommended to grab the most recent version of BetterDiscord from GitHub.

official website of better discord

Launch the installer after it has been downloaded and complete the installation process. It’s vital to remember that you must already have Discord installed on your device to install BetterDiscord otherwise, you won’t be able to do so.

In order to use Discord, you should open it like you normally would. BetterDiscord patch notes should appear in a pop-up window. There is a good chance that you have now successfully installed the app.

BetterDiscord is now complete and available for usage. To use a custom theme, you must first download one from the internet.

Many ways to do this. Use a website like BetterDiscordLibrary, which has a lot of CSS themes for the BetterDiscord app. You can also join the BetterDiscord app’s official Discord server and look for the #theme-repo channel there.

It is time to go back to the Discord app and follow these steps:

To Make BetterDiscord Even Better, Add A Theme

  1. Under Bandaged BD settings, go to User Settings and look at the bottom of the left menu for the Themes tab.
  2. Afterward, select the blue Open Theme Folder button at the top of the page.

3. In Windows Explorer, the folder will appear. You must include the downloaded.css theme file.

4. Return to Discord and enable the new theme you created.


5. Once the new theme is enabled, the whole app should change to it.

That concludes our discussion. As long as you don’t delete BetterDiscord, your Discord will continue to use this theme.

If you want to alter the background or theme, the only other option is to enter your CSS code manually. The usage of this strategy is not encouraged because the software will revert to its default appearance each time it is opened.

Hopefully, you will find this guide be helpful and that you will love the new Discord look with your new discord background image.

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Q- Is it possible to Change the discord background?

Ans- Yes it is possible, but you cant change your background image from the official discord app, you have to use another third-party app to do so.

Q- Do ill get ban if I use BetterDiscord for changing the background?

Ans- Discord does not ban you from the service for using BetterDiscord. If you continue to violate Discord’s rules while using the service, you risk losing your account.

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