How To Add Commands On Twitch?

How to add commands on twitch? Twitch commands are essential for every Twitch channel’s success. They are really beneficial and should be incorporated in all channels. This little tutorial will show you how to add commands to Twitch.

Twitch commands

Twitch commands allow the channel’s owner and all moderators associated with it to take a break from addressing questions while a broadcast is in progress. They can also be used to launch raids and perform other essential functions.

You may be unfamiliar with commands and how to configure them at first.

As an added bonus, this post covers all you need to know about using Twitch commands when live-streaming games.

Let’s get started with the basics!

What Exactly Are Twitch Commands?


When Twitch instructions are utilised in chat rooms, it can be a lot of fun for both the owner of the channel and the viewers.

There are times when you have to answer the same question a lot, so it’s easier to make a command that will show the answer in chat instead of having to answer each viewer individually.

Let’s say you’re a Dota 2 player who is frequently asked about your MMR. You can make a simple chat command so that when someone types “!,” you can respond. CurrentRating, for example, is a question that a chatbot from Twitch will be able to answer for you.

There will be an explanation of this in the next section of this guide.

When you get used to all the benefits, it will be hard to think of streaming without chat instructions, especially if you already have a lot of people and a lot of discussion.

Furthermore, Twitch has introduced certain pre-made chat commands that you may use right now. These do not require the streamer to add bots to their channels.

Here are a few examples:

  • /clear – In this case, it deletes the chat history.
  • /subscribers –  Non-subscribed people are not allowed to speak in your chat room.
  • /slow – In your chat room, it prevents quick messaging.
  • /ban – allows you to kick someone out of your channel.

There are numerous additional predefined chat commands available on Twitch. For a comprehensive list, see Twitch’s official article on the subject.

What about channels that need more attention? These are the commands that others have written for you.

Customizing Twitch Commands

Custom Twitch commands allow you to, among other things, tell people how long you’ve been streaming, display your age, brag about your health achievements, and promote your social media sites.

A Twitch bot is required if you want to use custom Twitch commands. You can utilise Moobot, which is one of the most popular bots on the market.

Nightbot is another popular alternative worth mentioning because it is utilised by a big number of broadcasters across a range of platforms.

Here’s where to begin:

  1. Click Connect with Twitch on the Moobot homepage in your selected browser.

2. Type in your Twitch username and password to log in. You’ll be asked to give Moobot permission to access your dashboard. To allow it, click Authorize.

3. When the Moobot dashboard loads, you’ll have the choice of taking a quick tour or skipping this step if you’re already familiar with the bot.

4. With the green magic wand on your screen, you can make Moobot moderator in your chat room.

NOTE: By opening your stream, entering the chat room, and typing in, you can make Moobot a conversation moderator:  /mod moobot followed by !moobot rejoin.

You’re now ready to write your own channel commands. The instructions for creating your first command are as follows:

  1. From the main Moobot menu, select Commands. In the drop-down menu, select Custom Commands.
  2. In the “command name” area, type the name of the command you wish to use. You can use this command to perform actions in the chat room. Ensure that you do this. To create it, click the Create button.
  3. Type the command’s response in the field labelled “response.” Don’t forget to save when you’re done.

EX- When a viewer writes “!age” in your chat, Moobot will tell them you’re 27 years old if the command name is “age” and the response is “27.”

4. Repeat this process for every command you want to make, and you’ll be done.

When you create a command post, you can choose to have it appear automatically while the debate is ongoing. This is done by selecting this option throughout the configuration procedure. Consider the following example.

Automatically post

Let’s have a look at some fascinating recommendations for custom Twitch chat commands now that you know how to make them.

Ideas For Twitch Commands And How To Use Them

People who watch your channel will have varying demands, but there are a variety of handy chat commands you may use to improve both your and their experiences.

Based on what we’ve seen, these are the commands that broadcasters utilise to make their lives and the lives of their moderators simpler.

NOTE: These are all examples of new commands that you can make on your own by following the procedures in the preceding section.

For Chatting Channels Only:

  • !instagram – The streamer’s Instagram is shown so viewers can follow them.
  • !socials – People can follow all of the socials at once. There are many times when people set this to be a command that posts itself.
  • !age – The age of the streamer is displayed.
  • !location – The current position of the streamer is displayed. When your stream focuses on travelling and vlogging, this is a good option.
  • !schedule – Viewers can tune in to upcoming streams by looking at the streamer’s streaming schedule.
  • !pets – Information about the streamer’s pets is shown.

For Competitive Games-Focused Channels:

  • !currentrating – The streamer’s in-game rating, division, rank, or MMR is displayed.
  • !sens – The in-game mouse sensitivity of the streamer is displayed, which is especially crucial in first-person shooter games.
  • !settings – The resolution, visual effects quality, and other in-game settings of the streamer are displayed.
  • !challenge – If there are any active challenges, this will show them.

For Health And Fitness Channels:

  • !stats – The height, weight, and body fat percentage of the streamer are displayed.
  • !challenge – Information regarding the current fitness challenge is displayed.
  • !personalbest – The streamer’s personal best times for particular workouts are displayed.

Commands That Are Useful For All Twitch Channels

  • !giveaway – Information regarding an upcoming giveaway is displayed.
  • !music – Details about the current music, including the title and artist.
  • !uptime – This value indicates the length of time the streamer has been broadcasting this session.
  • !subscribers – The current subscriber count or subscriber streak is displayed.
  • !followers – The current number of channel followers is displayed.

These are just a few ideas. In Moobot or Nightbot, you may always build a unique command for your channel.


You may now write your own Twitch chat commands, which are very useful and can occasionally be used in place of moderators.

Bots may be able to keep your channel clean and assist you in replying to common audience questions if you are a lesser-known streamer.

Use this information to cut down on the distractions so that you can focus on what really matters: making quality content and having fun with your audience.

Q- What is the purpose of the lurk command?

Ans- You can put a “lurk command” in your feed with any streaming programme. It’s a simple activity that you can take. The command allows those who aren’t actively observing the broadcast, known as “lurkers,” to show their interest in it even when they aren’t actively watching.

Q- What is Nugget Bot’s potential?

Ans- You can use Nugget, a bot, to respond to your team’s questions automatically, freeing them time to work on more complicated challenges. He can help you fill in the gaps if you don’t know enough about anything (COVID-19, working from home etc.).

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