Discord Server Names That Are Cool, Funny, Best And Creative

Do you need a cool, funny, creative, or just good server name? This is a list of 178 of the best Discord server name ideas. This isn’t a hard and fast rule; it’s just a way to get you started brainstorming ideas. If you don’t want to include the topic of your server in the title, see the examples below for more ideas.

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In today’s world, Discord is one of the most popular and user-friendly ways to make phone calls. You’re going to love it if you’re a gamer. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice for all types of businesses and groups.

Because of the breadth of its features, Discord stands out among communication apps. Streaming, simple server moderation, free server creation, 99.9 percent server uptime, and a directory of thousands of servers and communities are among the features.

Discord’s ability to customise its appearance is another unique and useful feature. You can change the behaviour of the application, but you can do much more with the servers. One thing all successful and well-managed servers have in common is that they all have a unique name.

However, coming up with a cool and unique name for your Discord server is not always easy. We’ve compiled a few lists of suggestions to help you come up with a name for your server.

Awesome Names For Discord

Everyone in a chat group wants to appear cool. If you like one of these names, go for it they have the potential to improve your abilities.

  1. Clever Discorders
  2. Dreamy Days
  3. Better Fights
  4. Random Topics
  5. Related Charts
  6. Extreme Chat
  7. Crunchy Group
  8. Grinding Minds
  9. Happy Birthdays
  10. Junior’s World
  11. Show Must On
  12. Rocking The Community
  13. Instant Masti
  14. Chevrolet Lovers
  15. The Sleepers
  16. Hedge Bros
  17. Versatile Hacks
  18. Front Fighters
  19. Amazed World
  20. Mysterious Group
  21. Last Hook
  22. Hug Me Baby
  23. Knight Riders
  24. Under The Belt
  25. Chicks Only
  26. Lost World
  27. Royal Heroes
  28. Butcher Guys

Discord Server Names That Are Cool


The process of coming up with cool names is a little easier than coming up with humorous or creative names. You are not required to follow any rules. Any idea you create should be readable and audible.

  1. Game Masters
  2. Illidan Minions
  3. QuickScope Legends
  4. Fast-Paced Demons
  5. Soul Collectors
  6. Silent Hill
  7. Money Hunters
  8. Space Observers
  9. The Quiet Place
  10. Good Vibes Only
  11. K-Pop Palace
  12. The Troll Universe
  13. Apex Predators
  14. Discord Overlords
  15. The Lich King’s Annihilation
  16. Raze Gang
  17. Swiss K31 Loyalists
  18. Lofi Grandmas
  19. Rainbow Six Sledgers
  20. Enderman’s Ender
  21. Conspiracy Theorists
  22. Space Cadets
  23. ChillBar
  24. The Gentleman’s Club
  25. Gamers Hideout
  26. Outlander Enclave
  27. A Very Groovy Movie Server
  28. The Railroad
  29. The Minutemen
  30. Gamers Revolution Network
  31. The Cool Lounge
  32. The Proving Grounds
  33. Cursed Users
  34. DemonCorp
  35. Spooktober
  36. CyberPunks
  37. FPS Gang
  38. Avengers Assemble
  39. The Dome
  40. Star Gazers
  41. The Black Pearl
  42. Squid Game Triangles
  43. Spider-Gang

Several of these are linked to specific video games in order to boost the server’s visibility and thus discoverability. In addition, we’ve used words that can make anything sound a little cooler.

Use some of these examples to help you come up with a unique name for your own company. Your ideas and the inspiration you find on the internet will help you create something unique and interesting. This is a great place to start.

Creative Names For Discord Servers


There’s no reason to keep creativity and humour separate. Both of them can exist in the same Discord server name at the same time. People who are creative can be amusing, and people who are amusing must also be creative. Think outside the box, because the server’s name can be changed at any time.

  1. Weeb Cave
  2. Squid Game Squares
  3. Vault Hunters
  4. GLaDOS
  5. Dank Souls
  6. DownUnder
  7. The Film Initiative
  8. Stranger Things Happening
  9. Hell’s Hunters
  10. Devi’s Café
  11. Big Brain Society
  12. GitGud Entertainment
  13. Digital Pirates
  14. Squid Gamers­
  15. The Black Sheep
  16. The Afterlife
  17. A Tale of Many Friends
  18. Never Solo
  19. The Fazverse
  20. A Den of Dragons
  21. Quarantined Theater
  22. The Firelink Shrine
  23. Den of Gamers
  24. Star Citizens
  25. Head, eyes
  26. Digital Playground
  27. Hello There!
  28. Pocket Gaming
  29. Chillflix
  30. The 1%ers
  31. Warzone’s Finest
  32. No Muggles Allowed
  33. The Precious
  34. Tarrasque Slayers
  35. Apex Predators
  36. Vegeta Simps
  37. Virtual Bar
  38. Thanos Did Nothing Wrong
  39. Sakura Gardens
  40. The Brotherhood of Steel
  41. Handsome Jacks
  42. Tiny Tinas

Again, the name of the server should be related to its content, which is why it is called “server.” Given that the majority of Discord communities are about video games, movies, tabletop games, and other similar topics, we brainstormed a number of creative names. The second is a reference to Harry Potter and the term “Muggles.” Muggles aren’t wizards.

Precious is a satirical take on Gollum and The Lord of the Rings. It’s a wordplay. Vegeta is in Dragon Ball Z as a result of The Avengers. And so forth.

If you use these types of references, people will be able to distinguish your server from others. It contributes to the formation of a group of people.

Best Names For Discord Servers

In our opinion, the following are the best Discord server names. Take note that many of these names are not ours. Rather, we combed through Discord communities in search of the best server names we could come up with.

  1. Down Under
  2. Discord Tabletop
  3. Altered Reality
  4. Hidden Realm
  5. Los Pollos Gamers
  6. Abode of the Damned
  7. Beyond Godlike
  8. Astral Projections
  9. Rust Nakeds
  10. Can’t Escape From Tarkov
  11. Our Savior Lord Gaben
  12. Hell Corp
  13. Danktopia
  14. Herobrine is Real
  15. Baby Yoda
  16. TacoShack
  17. Isle of Gaming
  18. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  19. Dadscord
  20. The Continental Auctions
  21. Squid Game
  22. Social Heights
  23. The Flame Fortress
  24. The Sith Empire
  25. Space Voyagers
  26. Rebel Penguin Foundation
  27. Shudder
  28. Strangoria
  29. The Quiet Game
  30. Nevermind The Chaos
  31. Discord’s Creed
  32. The Loud Creed
  33. Sleepless
  34. Bottomless Void

There are numerous others. This is only a partial list because this is a list of server names that we thought were interesting. Your preferred names may differ significantly from ours.

Keep in mind that you can use the same names for your server.


It would be fantastic if you could tell us in the comments section below which name you used on your Discord server. We’d also like to know if you know of any other excellent or amusing server names. You can do this by leaving a comment below. I’ll do everything I can to improve it as soon as possible.

Please remember to tell your friends about our article. As a result, they can also help you choose an appropriate name for your Discord service.

Q- Is it possible to have multiple Discord accounts with different names?

Ans- You can join a lot of different servers for a lot of different things, like class discussions, communities, and secret societies. You can choose what you want to do with the servers you join. As long as you have the right permissions, you can change your name in each server that you play on. Server Nicknames lets you do this.

Q- 18+ servers can be used on Discord?

Ans- If you post adult content to Discord, our Community Guidelines say that you should keep it behind an age-restricted gate. Server owners can make certain channels 18+ by adding an age-restricted gate to them. Age-restricted servers can now be used to make entire servers 18+.

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