5 Steps To Solve GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003

Many Windows customers have claimed that they are unable to access any component of NVIDIA Experience since the software keeps failing and displaying the GeForce Experience error code 0x 0003. Those who have been impacted are more likely to notice the warning “Something terrible has happened. Please try once more.” Restarting your computer and relaunching GeForce Experience may be beneficial. When you try to close the dialogue box, you get the notice “Error Code 0x0003,” and you have just one option.

Error code

Installing NVIDIA GeForce Experience on your computer is one of the most advantageous things you can do if your computer has an NVIDIA GPU. Allows you to easily save exciting in-game moments, change in-game settings with a few clicks, and keep your GPU drivers up to date, among other things.

True, GeForce Experience is a popular choice among serious and casual gamers alike. GeForce Experience, on the other hand, is not without problems. In the long run, if you do this, you will almost certainly make a mistake or two.

When GeForce Experience crashes, rendering the software unusable, it is one of the most vexing elements of the software.

That is the source of the 0x0003 issue, which is unfortunate.

The first step will be to determine why the problem occurs in the first place.

The Issue Is Described

When there is a problem with the NVIDIA GeForce Experience, many people report receiving the GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003. Each error, like all others, has a distinct source and effect.

Because Error Code 0x0003 completely shuts down the software, you are unable to interact with it. If you use this tool to maintain your GPU drivers up to date, failing to address the issue as soon as possible may cause your games to run slower owing to out-of-current drivers.


Fortunately, there are a few known ways to solve this problem, which we have looked into and put in a list for your review.

Step 1- Method Of “Separate User Account”

A member of the NVIDIA Support Staff first brought this issue to our attention. Many GeForce Experience customers have used this tool to resolve the 0x0003 problem. For you, it should operate the same way.

It’s not tough and shouldn’t take up much of your time. However, as you can see, this is an unusual answer, and the chances of anyone else finding it on their own are quite tiny.

We appreciate the willingness of NVIDIA’s support personnel to assist.

Note: A new Windows user must be created for this procedure. The steps below will show you how to accomplish this. This is the proper procedure.

  1. Select Control Panel from the drop-down menu that appears after right-clicking on the Windows start menu icon. Individuals who are operating certain versions of Microsoft’s software will have the option of selecting Settings.

2. Click Accounts when the panel displays on your screen.

3. You can find Family & other users in the left-hand menu. Click on it.

family other user

4. To add a new user, scroll down and click Add someone else to this PC.

add someone else

5. You can switch to and utilise the new user account after it has been created. Take a look at GeForce Experience and launch it once you’ve obtained it. Try using the software again and see if the problem persists.

If you have no issues with GeForce Experience as a fresh Windows user, the issue is most likely with your previous user account.

If this is the case, you must do an SFC (System File Checker) scan to resolve the issue. This scan will look for and restore faulty files, therefore you must run it. It’s a really simple procedure, and there’s lots of information available online.

When you need help, one of the best places to look is this official Microsoft guide on how to use the System File Checker tool to fix missing or damaged system files.

You should be able to use GeForce Experience on your primary Windows account as a result of this. There’s always your newly formed account to fall back on. If you are unable to remedy the problem, you may need to delete the previous account and rename the new one.

Step 2- In Safe Mode, Reinstall GeForce Experience

A clean reinstall of GeForce Experience is another possibility for addressing the 0x0003 error.

  1. Restart your computer in a safe mode that lets you connect to the Internet.
  2. This process should be conducted in safe mode with networking if possible. Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) is a free tool that may be downloaded.
  3. Using the newly acquired programme, perform a comprehensive driver removal. If you’re not sure how to use it, this video will lead you through the process step by step.

Note: Once the driver has been deleted with DDU, it will restart. In Safe Mode, you need re-download and install the NVIDIA driver for your GPU from the manufacturer’s website.

Following that, you should be able to utilise GeForce Experience without encountering any further issues.

In this useful discussion focusing on the 0x0003 GeForce Experience problem, you can see how a Reddit user detailed the process.

Step 3- As An Administrator, Run “GeForce Experience”

If this strategy does not work, you may wish to try another. The 0x0003 error is bad, but in some cases, it can help you avoid it.

All you have to do is run GeForce Experience as administrator. Disable it if it is set to start automatically when the machine boots. Then, from the start menu, you can restart it as an administrator.

This protects the software from crashing as a result of not having permission to access specified files and data on your computer.

Step 3- All NVIDIA Services Should Be Terminated And Force-Restarted


Restarting software frequently resolves issues. While bugs do  occasion, this does not ensure that they cause long-term problems.

Use Task Manager to force the restart of all NVIDIA services. The steps are as follows:

  1. Right-click on your taskbar and select Task Manager (not a shortcut for an app, which will bring up a different menu).
  2. When you open the Processes tab, look to see if any NVIDIA GeForce Experience-related processes are running in the background. If you discover one, right-click it and select End Task from the menu.

Press Windows + R on your keyboard to restart these services. In the box, type in MSC and press Enter on your keyboard to get the package to fill up.

You can then find all of the NVIDIA services and use the Restart button on them. Some services may not be running. If this is the case, you can right-click and choose Start.

After this, the GeForce Experience should resume normal operation. It may not work for everyone, particularly if the issue is caused by another factor, such as faulty driver files.

Step 5- Using Winsock, Reset Your Network Adapter

This method is believed to fix GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003, and it is rather simple to apply, so it should work. You should be finished in no time if you follow these suggestions.

The following is an example of how to reset your Network Adapter using Winsock:

  1. As soon as you press Windows + R, type cnd into the search box. Then, at the same time as you press Ctrl + Shift + Enter, run the command line.
  2. It is in the command line. Type netsh Winsock reset and then press Enter on your keyboard to run the command. This will make your network adapter work again.

Restart your computer and try running GeForce Experience again. In some cases, this has been found to work right away.


You now know several of the most effective methods for resolving the 0x0003 NVIDIA GeForce Experience Error, and you can employ them.

This should return the software to regular functionality, and you should be able to use all of its features without further problems.

Keep in mind that it can be hard to find the root of this problem. It’s common for people to think that NVIDIA developers put a lot of errors together under the same code. This means that some methods will work for your system while others won’t work.

Overall, if some of the ways given above do not work for you but do so for someone else, it is likely that your difficulties are caused by the same GeForce Experience error code 0x0003, but that the causes are different for each individual.

Q- Why does Shadowplay not record sound?

Ans- This is frequently caused by selecting the incorrect audio device in your Windows sound settings for the Nvidia category. This is a common occurrence. There will be no sound since Nvidia is using a device that you are not using.

Q- Is the GeForce Experience a positive experience?

Ans- The primary source of the problem is incorrectly setup files by users. This can also happen if the game’s settings are incorrect, if an antivirus or firewall is interfering with the game, if the graphics card’s drivers are corrupted, or if the DNS settings are incorrect.

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