2048 Cupcakes


New Game Use the arrow keys to combine similar cupcakes to create new ones.

How to play: Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same value touch, they merge into one!


2048 cupcakes is inspired by 2048 game, use the arrow key or swipe up-down, left -right to combine the similar cupcakes to unblock new title. The total number of titles is 11. There Is no user restriction anyone can play this game. We have added newer cupcake images along with numbers, now you can easily navigate to score good points. we have removed the kcal score bar because it was less entertaining than the new point score.


Playing this game is much easier. Okay, All you have to do is click on new game button and there you go. And like I said earlier it can be played on pretty much any device. if you are using smartphones or tablet then you can play this by swiping cupcakes up/down or left/right according to game. If you are on a PC or Laptop then you can use arrow keys. If similar cupcakes join together, they will be promoted to a higher cupcake. But one thing you should keep in mind is that this game consists of 4×4 grid that can hold a maximum of 16 cupcakes. And if all the 16 squares filled with cupcakes and you don’t have any cupcakes to merge then the game will be over. Also if two similar type of cupcakes are merged,they will be promoted to a new cupcake of double the value of each cupcake. And a new cupcake is promoted after each and every move. You can't just blindly swipe here and there you have to merge cupcakes to get a doubled value cupcake and play game until you get the whole way to cupcake of value 2048 without filling all the 16 boxes. There is not any time limit or fixed number of moves you can take your time to take best possible move.


Scoring is simple in this game. When you combine two same type of cupcakes of same kind your score is added by double the calorie of one cupcake. Let’s take an example, if you merge 2 Valrhona Blonde Ganache cupcakes, you will have 800 Kcal added to your scoreboard. The maximum point is for the rainbow cupcake which is 5000Kcal.  


Initially you may find this game super easy but in reality it is not that easy as you think. 2048 CUPCAKE is similar to the original 2048 game But main difference is that instead of numbers you will see cupcake tiles in this game which makes it more attractive. Also to play this game you can use same tricks which you used in 2048 game. You may follow given trick.

1. Know all the cupcakes in the game

2. Pick a direction you will never move you cupcakes

The first thing you have to do when you're playing 2048 cupcake is to think about moving all of your pieces over into this corner of the Square. Basically what you want to be thinking about doing while you're doing this is to have your highest value piece jammed into one corner. And while you're doing this, you want to restrict yourself to just Two arrows. So one thing that you can do when you're first starting in the game is button mash, the up and the left arrow. Now move your highest value piece to the corner and then radiating out from that the next like adjacent tiles are going to be your second-highest rating that radiating out from those are going to be your third highest. When you do have to slide everything to the right, you've got a lot of options to consolidate your blocks.

3. Build a pattern on one side

Earlier we chose a direction where we will never use the entire game. Now we are going to build a pattern on the opposite direction. These are the following steps you have to follow to build your pattern.


This is actually shown to me by a friend and let me tell you it’s pretty addicting and it’s not a Mindless game like Flappy Bird or something ridiculous like that. This actually makes you think because you can’t just mindlessly do Stuff. further earlier cupcake like whenever you’re messed around with cupcakes up to Lake Chocolare Peanut Butter Cheesecake and Chocolate Mint Fudge. You can kind of just go whatever the just for our not really pay attention and still get the cupcakes. Once you get cupcake like Chocolate Spider Web. You really have to pay attention to where you’re putting your directions and what direction you’re actually moving. it’s not hard to build up your lowered cupcakes it’s actually pretty easy. And the trick is that I was told was to go only three directions and only go the fourth direction if you have to so.It is a fun game. Some people say it’s a ripoff of other games like 1024 and 1023. it’s pretty good for not being a game with inside an app. It’s very smooth doesn’t lag or anything and works perfectly. Fine both on desktop laptop and mobile phone. you will find it relatively easy to play. it’s really not in terms of like game play as hard as just it works your brain a little bit. It’s not mindless like something like Flappy Bird and it’s free. That’s really the best part. if you’re looking just for a new game to play on your phone just to kill some time. That isn’t completely mindless that works your brain a little bit and spend some nice brain activity or something like that

2048 Cupcakes VS Video Games

Everyone  loves to play games in there free time because it is the best way to exercise your brain. there are two types of gamer out there first who loves to play small games like 2048, Flappy bird etc. other one are who play video games which has some sort of stories and reward system. But there is huge difference in both type of games with small games like 2048 cupcake you don't need any high end device to run these type of games. But with high end video games you need an high end device and also that game will tale a lot of storage to be installed and run. But 2048 cupcake is very light game you can find so many applications on app store like this but in reality you don't need to install any app to play this game all you have to do is go on 2048cupcakez.com and simply play there.

This is a modified version of the original game created by Gabriele Cirulli.

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